4 Reasons Your Company Needs A “Launch Video"

Adeel Shamsi

In 2012, Dollar Shave Club dropped the famous video introducing itself to the world. It was funny, straight to the point, and it began the snowball effect of numerous brands trying to imitate it since then. But it was imitation for all the right reasons. It became the most effective way for a business to explain what they do while keeping the audience engaged.

A Launch Video or "Start-up Ad" is important for the new breed of brands that are different from their predecessors and have innovated its industry. If you sell burgers or soda then you don’t need someone talking to you about what they sell. You already know. But we’ve worked with unique clients that are introducing a new way to do things. Whether it be an App that allows someone to come to your door to repair your car or a website that not only focuses on helping you buy and sell cryptocurrency but also puts just as much importance on educating you about that exchange.  

There are multiple ways to showcase what your business does to the consumers, but let us share the four reasons to why a Launch Video is the most effective way.


1. Investor Pitches.

In the past, these types of videos have successfully helped entrepreneurs pitch their company to potential investors. This could be Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns but there have been success stories involving VC's who have backed up a company for millions of dollars after viewing their well crafted Start-Up Ad.

2. Establishing your brand.

A business is as good as it’s brand, and yes to me those two are different. A business and it’s brand may belong to the same entity but I see them as, left side and right side of the brain. A business is the internal machine that logically and economically creates a stream of revenue in order to one day become an empire. But the brand is what attracts consumers to and through the door by displaying charm and giving the audience a reason to pick your Company over another. The Launch Video allows you to not just display the information and “how-to-use” side of your product but also through the aesthetics of the visuals you can show the audience what type of brand you are.

3. Picture is worth a thousand words. Videos are even better.

Sure, you can go ahead and write a 500-1000 word blurb on your business stating what it sells and what the products best features are. But in today’s time the chances of your entire target audience reading the blurb and understanding it word for word are probably not that high. I read each Harry Potter book about a dozen times and my imagination was still different to from what Hogwarts actually looked like in the movies. Visuals are necessary to explain your product and your company's vision as specifically as possible.

Visuals are necessary to explain your product and your company's vision as specifically as possible.

4. Human Connection.

Once the concept has been written out into a script, the next step is to hire an actor to be the face of your brand and commercial. Sometimes it’s someone who is actually part of the business but in our experience, we’ve gone out and hired an actor that can deliver the required zest. This human to human connection of the character talking to you through the camera lens allows you to become more attached to the brand

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4 Reasons Your Company Needs A “Launch Video"